Using the Right Bait to Attract Visitors

Website owners around the globe are constantly dealing with trying to keep, and also attract more and more visitors to their website. Ideas that are given in e-books or photo booth hire melbourne other forms of media often lack the total picture. The reader is forced to search many resources to find what they are looking for. Fortunately I have some real world bait ideas that have worked for quite a large number of webmasters and website designers and developers.

Start a Technical Blog Post that Showcases Technical Savvy
If you are a website owner then you hopefully have something of value that visitors would like to learn about. The beauty of owning a website is that now you can tell the world what you know. If you consider yourself someone who doesn’t know a lot about a particular subject, then you will have to go out and gain expertise. The age of the internet has allowed us to search any subject with relative ease. The only problem is that people are not always willing to put in the effort to learn something new. You can rise above the procrastinating crowd by becoming an expert. A lot of knowledge out there is free if you know where to look for it. Your subject matter could consist of screen shots, along with explanations and examples of steps that it may take to perform a certain task.

Recreate that Same Step by Step Instruction
After you have become a respected advice giver or expert on your chosen subject, you should reproduce the blog. You should do this by recording a video on the same topic. Follow the same procedures you described in your blog. You can then upload it or embed the video into your blog. You could add this as an extra or you could reproduce the entire article in video. You then will want to upload your video to You Tube. It is a good idea to find other video sites also. The more places that you can find to post your video the better.

Create a Podcast on the Same Topic
Set up a Podcast and post it on your site. Then upload your Podcast to various Podcast Directories. You can also edit your Podcast to prepare it for RSS feeds and RSS blog directories. There are 3 major RSS feeds that you could use. One is called Feedage, another one that I really like is Feedzilla, and you also might want to try out This last website is a top ranked online marketing blog. You will get a huge impact on this website, but I would advise you to have something interesting to say.

Issue a Press Release
I know that I have mentioned this before in my last blog, but I think it’s worth emphasizing. A press release can give you such a huge local benefit that it should definitely be at the top of your list for promoting website content. Your decision whether to go local, regional, or national will depend upon how important your information is, and what kind of impact your information will have on the general public. One service you might want to try would be 24/7. They provide a wide range of mass media services.

Spin Your Articles
You can re-write your blog articles and put what is called a spin on them. This consists of re-writing your article, but keeping in mind that you still need to maintain certain keywords in the article. There are companies out there that actually make millions of dollars doing this. These companies will either contract out a writer or they will simply pay you what is called “piece work” in layman’s terms. You are given an article and you are required to spin it about 6 different ways. The company re-sells the articles as different, even though the article is still basically the same article. Here is a list of companies that either spin or publish abbreviated articles from various subject matter:

I have heard about but never seen a new machine/software that actually spins articles automatically. It usually takes a person about 10 to 25 minutes to spin an article. This machine can apparently do it in about a fraction of a second. The biggest downfall is that it is not as smart as humans are. It will produce sometimes gibberish, because it doesn’t know certain grammar rules. So it still needs a human to go over it and edit it.
But anyway, getting back on track, these are places you can submit your articles to. Be prepared for them to insist on a particular range of subject

SMM with SEO?
SMM(Social Media Marketing) actually fits in real well with SEO(Search Engine Optimization). SMM is actually where everyone hangs out. SMM is a way to reach out and engage a target audience. You simply become an active participant in conversations and groups. SMM is a great way to reach out to an audience that has the potential to promote your website, but you have to be careful.

There is so much that needs to be addressed on this topic, that it needs to be told in a separate article. So, coming up soon will be a discussion on Social Media Marketing, and how it works. For some of you, this article may not sound interesting, but I encourage you to read it so that you get some insight on how important this media tool can be.

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